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Bakusou Kyoudai Lets and Go WGP


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Titulo Uploader Type Size Tempo Views Download
Get the World (Cover) Eizo Sakamoto anime 3.8 MB 1:33 31 Download
We are the VICTORYS (ED3) the VICTORYS anime 3.8 MB 2:44 53 Download
Konya wa Ibu! (ED4) Let's Go BOYS & GIRLS anime 4.7 MB 5:05 51 Download
GROW UP POTENTIAL ~Yume ni mukatte~ (ED1) GANASIA anime 3.6 MB 3:57 50 Download
TUNE-UP GENERATION (ED2) Maiko Matsumiya anime 5.0 MB 3:31 49 Download
Tobu Ze, Let's and Go Hironobu Kageyama anime 2.8 MB 3:35 84 Download
Get the World (OP) Hironobu Kageyama anime 3.7 MB 3:46 211 Download